Victorian Ancestors

If you are at a relatively early stage in your research you will probably find that the fixed price Victorian Ancestors package meets your needs very well.

For the Victorian Ancestors package I aim to trace one line of your English family back to 1837 when civil registration began in England and Wales. Many people start with their paternal line which usually follows their own surname, however you can choose whichever line interests you.

Included in the Victorian Ancestors package:

  • transcribed census returns from 1841 to 1911 for your direct line ancestors providing addresses, occupations and details of other family members
  • details of your direct line ancestors from the 1939 Register (where available)
  • birth, marriage and death certificates for each direct line ancestral couple, providing exact dates and locations of vital events, occupations, causes of death, witnesses and informants (up to 15 certificates)
  • a family tree
  • a narrative report with full citations of all sources used
  • advice on further research

I consider it important that birth, marriage and death certificates (or equivalent) are obtained, firstly to ensure that the correct family is traced, and secondly because they supply additional information not found in the other records.

The total cost of the Victorian Ancestors package is £475.

The package is intended to provide excellent value to all, therefore if you already have copies of some of the required certificates the cost of the package will be discounted by the value of these (£9.25 per certificate), provided that good quality copies can be supplied prior to the start of research. Similarly, if fewer than 15 certificates are needed to complete the package, the final cost of the package will be discounted accordingly.

In family history research we can sometimes find that either an event went unrecorded or that the record of it has not survived. Often alternative sources can be found to provide the evidence we need. In the event that research cannot proceed on the chosen line, I will always discuss the situation with my client, who can choose to either apply the unused “credit” to another branch of their tree or receive a partial refund.

If you are interested in the Victorian Ancestors package please complete the Victorian Ancestors Enquiry form or email