DNA testing has opened up avenues of research that previous generations of genealogists didn’t even dream of. Although still a young field, DNA testing for genealogy is developing fast.

Newcomers to DNA testing often find it confusing, even if they are old hands at traditional family history research. There are many questions to answer:

  • Which test type? Y chromosome, mitochondrial DNA, or autosomal DNA? STR or SNP?
  • Which testing company?
  • Do you want a health report?
  • Do you want to find cousins?
  • Will you need to pay an ongoing subscription?
  • Can you transfer your results to another company’s database?
  • What else can you do with your results?

The testing companies are constantly updating and improving their offerings. Each company has pros and cons, and these change over time. Which test, test company and research strategy will be best for you will depend on your personal research goals, budget and personal preferences.

I offer a free advice session to would-be testers in the UK. I can advise you on which test(s) to take to achieve your goals. To arrange a free advice session please complete my Pre-test DNA Advice enquiry form.

Having taken a test, the next step is to make good use of the results. Many people find this a challenge but there is help available. There are several excellent blogs that advise on the subject, the invaluable ISOGG Wiki, and a number of good books that cover the basics and more. There are also forums and Facebook groups where enthusiasts will offer tips and answer questions.

If you want personalised help understanding your results then my fixed fee DNA results review service may be what you are looking for. I will review your actual results, and then write a personalised report explaining what they mean and recommending next steps. The cost of this service is £50. To enquire about this service please complete the DNA Results Review Service enquiry form.